How to convert a single column into several columns?

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Old 06-07-2011
Originally Posted by getmmg
Problem happened when it was getting sorted. It sorts row 1,10...19,then 2,3 etc.,

I have added formatting for rows to fix that

Hope this code will your issue.

perl -0ane 'BEGIN{$cols=3;$k=0}END{foreach(@F){$j=sprintf("%03d",++$k);$hash{$j}.= "$_\t";$k=0 if($k == (($#F+1)/$cols))}; print "$hash{$_}\n" for sort keys %hash}' input


Hi getmmg,

This is one works totally for me. Thank you so much mate!

Now for the final touch, after the desired output into 3 columns I want it to trim the trailing spaces from the output file. Please insert some more code on this perl script.

Thanks again in advance.

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Old 06-08-2011
perl -0ane 'BEGIN{$cols=3;$k=0}END{foreach(@F){$j=sprintf("%03d",++$k);$hash{$j}.= "$_\t";$k=0 if($k == (($#F+1)/$cols))}; for (sort keys %hash){chop($hash{$_});print "$hash{$_}\n"}}' inp

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Old 06-08-2011
Originally Posted by getmmg
perl -0ane 'BEGIN{$cols=3;$k=0}END{foreach(@F){$j=sprintf("%03d",++$k);$hash{$j}.= "$_\t";$k=0 if($k == (($#F+1)/$cols))}; for (sort keys %hash){chop($hash{$_});print "$hash{$_}\n"}}' inp

PERFECT!!! Thanks mate!! Smilie Smilie

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