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Old 11-06-2009
Data SHC Compiler [ERROR] AIX

Hello there,

I’m compiling a shell script under UNIX AIX 5.3 operating system.

I’m facing a “glitch” when I tried to run the .x file AIX sent the error message “Killed”.

# rpm -qa 

# make
***  żDo you want to probe shc with a test script?
***  Please try... make test
Target "all" is up to date.
# ./shc -v -r -f script
shc shll=ksh
shc [-i]=-c
shc [-x]=exec '%s' "$@"
shc [-l]=
shc opts=
shc: cc  script.x.c -o script.x
shc: strip script.x
shc: chmod go-r script.x
# ./script.x
# echo $? 
This error is a signal 9
# type gcc
gcc is /usr/bin/gcc
# type cc
cc is /usr/bin/cc

Does anyone have any idea about that?
Thanks a lot

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I put the command make clean and run make again and after make test, take a look the output:

# make test
*** Compiling script "match"
 CFLAGS="-Wall -O6 -pedantic" ./shc -v -f match
shc shll=sh
shc [-i]=-c
shc [-x]=exec '%s' "$@"
shc [-l]=
shc opts=
shc: cc -Wall -O6 -pedantic match.x.c -o match.x
match.x.c:113: warning: string length '1043' is greater than the length '509' ISO C90 compilers are required to support
shc: strip match.x
shc: chmod go-r match.x
*** Running a compiled test script!
*** It must show files with substring "sh" in your PATH...
 ./match.x sh
make: The signal code from the last command is 9.



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Old 11-25-2009
Problem Solved

SmilieWell, after a lot of research the problem was resolved !!! Smilie

I installed in an AIX 5.3 32bits and it worked perfectly.

When installed on AIX 64bits something can not interpret the function TRACEABLE on software.

1 - Install and run the program generating the binary:

$./shc -v -r -f test
shc shll = ksh
shc [-i] =- c
shc [-x] = exec '% s' "$ @"
shc [-l] =
shc opts =
shc: cc teste.x.c it teste.x
shc: strip teste.x
shc: chmod go-r teste.x

2 - Run the binary generated, will give the error (Killed) Smilie Smilie


- To work I deleted the option traceable, the possibility of trying to scan the script to check its contents.

- Taking this option is not possible to scan the generated script teste.x.

- In the script generated in C teste.x.c, draw the following lines (at end of file) Smilie :


- Now run the command to build again in the file C teste.x:

$ cc teste.x.c -o teste.x

- Running the script again teste.x generated: Smilie Smilie


- It worked!! Smilie

Thanks for help Marcelo Ramos from IBM.

= Jefferson Lima Aredes =
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Old 04-26-2010

You could use "shc -T -f test",It works fine in AIX 5.3

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