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Old 10-28-2009
shell script query

hi all

i have a shell script for connecting in sybase env what i need is i have around 10 servers , i need to connect to all servers and retrive the database inforamtion in the servers and display them

any one of u have it request to share it asap !

"QUERY TO Connect to all servers and collect DATABASE information"

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hi all below is the script ,just i need a query in this to add ,if any one can please help me in this regard


#SERVER_TYPE=$1     # rep or sql

SYBASE_VER=`ls -1 $SYBASE | grep ASE- | cut -d"/" -f1`
SYBOCS_VER=`ls -1 $SYBASE | grep OCS- | cut -d"/" -f1`



if [ "$DATABASE" != "" ]; then    # database name provided, use it
        DATABASE="use $DATABASE"

if [ "$SERVER" = "" ]; then    # server not provided, use DSQUERY
        SERVER=`echo $SERVER | tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'`   # server provided, translate to uppercase

## get the password for the server
PW=`/sybase_sa/bin/get_pw $SERVER`

## run the command
$ISQL_CMD -S$SERVER -Usa -w1000 <<EOF
set nocount on
select @@servername, db_name(), convert(varchar,getdate(),109)
print ''
set nocount off


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Old 10-28-2009
This doesn't seem to be a shell scripting question but more of a sybase question. Wouldn't you want to ask this on a sybase forum?
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