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Old 10-23-2009
child shell..

How to create a child shell ?
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Old 10-23-2009
By executing a shell from your current.
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Propagate exist status from a child shell script to a parent.

Hi All, I have a parent shell script A and a child shell script B. 1). If a command i.e a mysqdump fails in shell script B fails then I trap the error with this code if ] then func_exit "Failed to export the cleaned DB1.${MYDBNAME} database to the ${MYARCHIVEDIR} directory"... (1 Reply)
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Opening Child Shell & Executing a script in the same context

Hi, Is the below possible (SHELL = tcsh)? -- I want to write an 'alias' something like this - alias set_my_work "setenv SOME_VAR;tcsh -i;source work_script.cshrc" The intention is to run this alias and enter a child shell, at the same time ensuring that the work_script.cshrc is source-ed.... (0 Replies)
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data: I need to make an program that in a loop creates one parent and five children with fork(). The problem i'm trying to solve is how to delete the parent and child of the childīs process. 2. Relevant commands, code, scripts,... (0 Replies)
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Exit from n th child shell

Hi, I am using ksh to write my shell script. I need to create multiple-level of nested sub shells in my script. Lets say I have at n th subshell. My question is how do I come out from there to main login shell. If I use 'exit' command then it is exiting from just one subshell and back to... (4 Replies)
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Parent/child Korn shell script help

I have the following two Korn shell scripts: SHELL1.ksh #!/usr/bin/ksh nohup sas /abc/123/ & SHELL2.ksh #!/usr/bin/ksh ./SHELL1.ksh wait nohup sas /abc/123/ & My goal is to run SHELL1.ksh within SHELL2.ksh. SHELL1.ksh runs I would like... (1 Reply)
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parent shell is waiting upon the child shell

Hi, I haev to devlop a script which when executed will take in a sudo privelege and run a set of commands then will go back to parent shell and execute the rest of the command But the problem I am facing is that when the script is executed it takes the sudo privelege but it waits for the... (0 Replies)
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identify the child shell

how can we identify which child shell being created by the sh command. Is it necessary that the child shell created will be the same as parent shell or it may be different. How can we change this setting? please help Thanks in advance (1 Reply)
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executing commands in child shell

I have to execute some commands after executing one command ( cleartool setview Tagname) Problem is that I write commands in script like this. echo "test1" cleartool setview tagname echo "test2" copy file1 file2 echo "test3" but when I execute script. Output --------- test1 If I... (1 Reply)
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Returning values from child to parent shell

I need to send the status from child shell failure to parent shell. I would like to know how could we accomplish this. My is as below: #!/bin/ksh set -x echo "I am in parent shell now..." ret_stat=$? echo "rest_stat=$ret_stat" echo "I am below parent shell end..." ... (4 Replies)
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killing a child process within a shell

Hi All, I have a written a script in korn shell for importing data into a oracle database. The shell invokes the import within the script. I want to kill this import (child process) . I tries using trap, but this does not kill the import even if i press cnt c. i have to login into other terminal... (2 Replies)
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