executing commands in child shell

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executing commands in child shell

I have to execute some commands after executing one command ( cleartool setview Tagname)
Problem is that I write commands in script like this.

echo "test1"
cleartool setview tagname
echo "test2"
copy file1 file2
echo "test3"

but when I execute script.


If I type exit, it prints

problem here is cleartool setview is creating new child shell and it doesn't come out from child shell unless I type exit .

pls could you help , to execute thise commands and come out of the child shell successfully
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It's not the shell, it's the clearview commands.

Clearcase setview

Command to Execute in View Context

A shell process is started, as indicated by your SHELL environment variable; a Bourne shell (/bin/sh ) is started if SHELL has a null value or is undefined. The shell runs interactively until you exit from it.

–exe·c cmd-invocation
Starts a shell process, invokes the specified command line in the dynamic view specified by view-tag, and then returns control to the parent process. This option does not set the view-tag view in the parent process. This command inherits the environment of the shell process.
Try it with the -exec
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