diffrence in executing a shell script

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Old 10-19-2009
diffrence in executing a shell script


Could some one let me know what is the diffrence in executing a shell script as below

$sh script.sh (this is executed in a subshell)
$./script.sh(this is executed in the current shell)
$script.sh(this is executed in a subshell)

where script.sh is the name of the shell script.

Iam not clear how they are diffrent. Please explain in detail.

Thank you.
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Old 10-19-2009
There is no difference in how any of these are executed in that they all fork new shells.

cat Test
echo $$

echo $$; ./Test

The first one will run the script using sh, overriding what the shebang (1st line of your script says (i.e. #!/usr/bin/ksh)).

cat Test

./Test[2]: pushd:  not found.

> bash ./Test
./Test: line 2: pushd: no other directory

It will run the script whether it's executable or not.

The second one will run the script from the current directory (./script.sh), overriding any other script.sh which is in the path.

The last one will run the first script.sh it finds in the path, not the current directory.

> ls -l Test
-rwx------    2 me     mygroup             21 Oct 19 10:15 T

> Test
ksh: Test: not found.


> Test
./Test[2]: pushd:  not found.

You missed one:

. ./script.sh

This will run script.sh in the current shell:
> cat Test
echo $$

> echo $$; . ./Test

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