Using AWK to separate data from a large XML file into multiple files

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Old 10-17-2009
Originally Posted by jp2542a
I downloaded the script onto both my my Centos (linux) system and my windows (cygwin) system. It worked fine on my Linux system. On the windows system, there were translation errors. There are hidden characters...
I really don't know what's left to try then.. for another test, I used terminal, executed a touch command to create split2.awk and then used TextEdit to retype the code character by character with no tabs and I still have the same exact problem.

Are there any other possible solutions? I never thought it would be this much of a hassle -- again, thank you so much for the help.
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Old 10-17-2009
opps.. replace 'nextline' with 'next'. This will probably work Smilie
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Old 10-17-2009
Originally Posted by jp2542a
opps.. replace 'nextline' with 'next'. This will probably work Smilie
Ah ha, that works. Thank you, jp!
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