strange CRON problem

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Old 10-06-2009
vmstat 1 1
Beware that in most versions of "vmstat" the first line of figures are garbage.

Better to sample for a minute and take the last line only.
vmstat 30 2

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SHUNIT2(1)																SHUNIT2(1)

shunit2 - A unit test framework for shell scripts SYNOPSIS
shunit2 unitfile DESCRIPTION
shUnit2 is a xUnit unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts, and it is designed to work in a similar manner to JUnit, PyUnit, etc.. If you have ever had the desire to write a unit test for a shell script, shUnit2 can do the job. You can either run shunit2 directly from the commandline and specify the unit file or directly source the shunit2 executable. If you directly execute shunit2 and don't specify a unitfile shunit2 assumes a empty testfile and will return without an error message. EXAMPLE
Simple script to test if 1 equals 1 #! /bin/sh testEquality() { assertEquals 1 1 } # load shunit2 . shunit2 Execute shUnit2 unit tests directly from the commandline shunit2 /path/to/unit/file OPTIONS
shunit2 does not support any commandline options at all. You can either source shunit2 to execute your unit tests or directly run shunit2 as a commandline script. SEE ALSO
For more information see or have a look at the installed documentation in /usr/share/doc/shunit2/ AUTHOR
shunit2 was written by Kate Ward <>. This manpage was written by Ulrich Dangel <>. 2.1.6 03/25/2012 SHUNIT2(1)

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