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Passing space separated value to a function - error

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Passing space separated value to a function - error
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Old 09-30-2009
Thank you so much.

nameCheck "$names" - This works as expected.

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The rmdir command remove directories, even if they are not empty.
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MAIN.C(1)						      Debian GNU/Linux manual							 MAIN.C(1)

pbc_merge - Merge multiple Parrot bytecode (PBC) files into a single PBC file. SYNOPSIS
pbc_merge -o out.pbc input1.pbc input2.pbc ... DESCRIPTION
This program takes two or more PBC files and produces a single merged output PBC file with a single fix-up table and constants table. Command-Line Options "-o out.pbc" The name of the PBC file to produce, containing the merged segments from the input PBC files. Functions "static void help(void)" Print out the user help info. "static PackFile_ByteCode* pbc_merge_bytecode(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs, PackFile *pf)" This function merges the bytecode from the input packfiles, storing the offsets that each bit of bytecode now exists at. "static PackFile_ConstTable* pbc_merge_constants(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs, PackFile *pf)" This function merges the constants tables from the input PBC files. "static void pbc_merge_debugs(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs, PackFile_ByteCode *bc)" This function merges the debug segments from the input PBC files. "static void pbc_fixup_bytecode(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs, PackFile_ByteCode *bc)" Fixup bytecode. This includes correcting pointers into the constant table and updating the ops mapping. "static void pbc_fixup_constants(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs)" Fixup constants. This includes correcting pointers into bytecode. "static PackFile* pbc_merge_begin(PARROT_INTERP, pbc_merge_input **inputs, int num_inputs)" This is the function that drives PBC merging process. "static void pbc_merge_write(PARROT_INTERP, PackFile *pf, const char *filename)" This functions writes out the merged packfile. "int main(int argc, const char **argv)" The main function that grabs console input, reads in the packfiles provided they exist, hands them to another function that runs the merge process and finally writes out the produced packfile. Debian Project 2012-01-08 MAIN.C(1)

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