C++ Attempting to modify this function to read from a (;) semi-colon-separated file

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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions C++ Attempting to modify this function to read from a (;) semi-colon-separated file
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Old 11-09-2013
Please delete.

After some thought.

I am uncomfortable issuing my professors name where, there may be unintended side effects from any negative responses/feedback. Willing to re post if I can omit school / professor publicly, but can message moderator for validation? I am here for knowledge and understanding, not publicly questioning my professors course work or choice of code.

Thank you for understanding.

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Old 11-10-2013
Originally Posted by briandanielz
I am uncomfortable issuing my professors name where, there may be unintended side effects from any negative responses/feedback.
If you are uncomfortable, then, by all means, don't use our service. It is as well understandable as it is perfectly within your rights not to seek help here.

The reason why we have this rule in place to post the professors name and the university/course information is to make it easy for professors to search and locate the help offered here and to assess how much help a certain student received. It is OK to receive help here, but it would be not OK not to document this help. We do want to help but we do not want to take place in students claiming to have done alone what in fact was told them here.

For the same reasons (to avoid plagiarism and any other form of "undocumented help") homework questions are forbidden in the other forae here. In fact we had - historically - banned homework altogether for a long time. But many of us wanted to help students too, like we helped other professionals. Therefore we asked a university professor specializing in homework/coursework fraud how we should design this service and which rules we should put in place. This is what came out. We are well aware that we walk a very fine line, but i think we manage to maintain this delicate balance very well. At least this is what several universities have told us.

Of course this is not done completely without any personal motives on our part: better taught students means better qualified colleagues for us in the long run while students who cheat their ways through university will probably end as colleagues expecting us to do their work for them. ;-))

I hope this helps.


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