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passing variable to expect

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Old 09-26-2009
passing variable to expect

Please tell me how to pass variable "a b c" to expect from the shell script

1/ example of input file
# cat in-file
var1 var2 a b c var4

2/ # this is my script - how to pass "a b c" as single variable ?
cat in-file | while read x
my-expect x

3/ # expect script - how to get "a b c" as single variable to expect

set var3 [lindex $argv 2]
send "$var3\r"


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I can put " " around a b c in my in-file - this is the description file

var1 var2 "a b c" var4

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ATF-SH(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 ATF-SH(1)

atf-sh [-s shell] -- interpreter for shell-based test programs SYNOPSIS
atf-sh script DESCRIPTION
atf-sh is an interpreter that runs the test program given in script after loading the atf-sh(3) library. atf-sh is not a real interpreter though: it is just a wrapper around the system-wide shell defined by ATF_SHELL. atf-sh executes the inter- preter, loads the atf-sh(3) library and then runs the script. You must consider atf-sh to be a POSIX shell by default and thus should not use any non-standard extensions. The following options are available: -s shell Specifies the shell to use instead of the value provided by ATF_SHELL. ENVIRONMENT
ATF_LIBEXECDIR Overrides the builtin directory where atf-sh is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes. ATF_PKGDATADIR Overrides the builtin directory where libatf-sh.subr is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes. ATF_SHELL Path to the system shell to be used in the generated scripts. Scripts must not rely on this variable being set to select a specific interpreter. EXAMPLES
Scripts using atf-sh(3) should start with: #! /usr/bin/env atf-sh Alternatively, if you want to explicitly choose a shell interpreter, you cannot rely on env(1) to find atf-sh. Instead, you have to hardcode the path to atf-sh in the script and then use the -s option afterwards as a single parameter: #! /path/to/bin/atf-sh -s/bin/bash ENVIRONMENT
ATF_SHELL Path to the system shell to be used in the generated scripts. SEE ALSO
atf-sh(3) BSD
September 27, 2014 BSD

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