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Format problem of text file

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Old 09-11-2009
Format problem of text file

Folks pardon me for trivial question. After searching the entire forum i decided to post this question.

I have a file with some numbers with commas like this

If i open this textfile with either notepad or wordpad they ae looking absolutely fine. When I open this with excel file the values are looking something like this

I tried Format -> Text command in MsExcel worked fine. and after saving the file If I open the same file again with excel still they are looking like 1,23456,789.

Do u guyz know how to get rid of this format problem

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Old 09-11-2009
First you are in the wrong forum.
This is for Unix and the likes.

Attach the file if you can.
I dont think I am giving any good solutions.
But I will try these.
Rename the file with a .csv extension. (Eg:myfile.csv)
Then open it with Excel and see if the problem still exists.

Also, see if there are any hibit chars in the file.
In textpad change it to Hexmode for this.

Or if you have access to unix then try this:
sed 's/[^[:print:]]//' myfile.csv > tempfile.csv

Then open the tempfile.csv file in Excel.
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Old 09-13-2009
I tried what you said but didn't work out. Anyways I'm attaching the files as you said.
the file with the name "correctones" contain the correct format of the numbers and "Wrongones" or not.

And the reason why I posted this specific format problem caused by one of the unix script that I used to remove every field last value "comma".

sed -e 's/,[^0-9]//g' -e 's/,$//g' file_name

sed 's/ *, */,/g;s/,$//;s/,/ /2;s/,/ /3;/+/s/,/ /1' myFile

What it does briefly

7829885 7831552 + 1    1667               0
7829885 7831552 + 1   1667,               0,
35934936 35937087 - 2  1281,870,       0,1281,
35934936 35937087 - 2  1281, 870,      0 ,1281 ,
35934936 35937087 - 2  1281 , 870 , 870,890,890,680,   0, 1281 ,

7829885 7831552 + 1 1667 0
7829885 7831552 + 1 1667 0
35934936 35937087 - 2 1281,870   0,1281
35934936 35937087 - 2 1281,870   0,1281
35934936 35937087 - 2 1281,870,870,890,890,680   0,1281

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Old 09-13-2009
Does the "input" sample above reflect the input file? If not post sample input file and indicate what fields you want to reformat.
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Old 09-13-2009
Yes the input sample above reflects the original input except 2 additional columns before it.
The attachements correctones.txt or wrongones.txt reflect only some of the values from the the fifth column of the output I posted in code. For example the original input looks like this
Sorry for the inconvenience
AGGG	FTFHG	7829885		7831552		+	1    1667               0
FFFDFFD	HFFFF	7829885		7831552		+	1   1667,               0,
FHGJJJ	JGGGGG	35934936	35937087	-	2  1281,870,       0,1281,
OP23	HU899	35934936	35937087	-	2  1281, 870,      0 ,1281 ,
PFF	FDFDD	35934936	35937087	-	2  1281 , 870 , 870,890,890,680,   0, 1281 ,

The expected output should be like the above I already mentioned (But with 2 additional columns) with out any format troubles. Te format troubles I posted as attachment files already. The troubled ones as wrongones.txt but they suppose to look like correctones.txt

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Old 09-13-2009
The original input

Just incase.

I would like to remove all the commas from the last numbers with out any format trouble in the outputfile.

Sorry for attaching huge file.Otherwise you can work on the sampleinput I posted before.
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Old 09-13-2009
The values given in the attached files don't seem to come from the input/output samples posted above. It is then difficult to understand what you are looking for.

Originally Posted by repinementer
And the reason why I posted this specific format problem caused by one of the unix script that I used to remove every field last value "comma".
Why don't you post the original file, just as it is before any modification. And also post desired output based on that original file.

---------- Post updated at 01:19 PM ---------- Previous update was at 01:18 PM ----------

Just seen that you posted the original file. I'll have a look.

---------- Post updated at 01:27 PM ---------- Previous update was at 01:19 PM ----------

Ok. Try this and tell us if this is what you are after.

awk -F"\t" '{gsub(/"|,"/, "")}1' file

sed 's/"\|,"//g' file

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