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Old 09-03-2009
Originally Posted by methyl
Leading or trailing whitespace and backslashes in filenames will indeed fox most scripts

It is trivial to deal with those in a script.
and some commercial backup software.

Commercial software is often very badly written. Open source is usually much superior.
Imho any such filenames should be detected and removed from the system forthwith.

It's a nice sentiment, but spaces in filenames are so common that it would be impossible to remove all such instances without breaking some applications.
I disagree with "for i in test/*" because it fails on AIX for example with long lists.

Are you using a POSIX shell? If not, it's irrelevant because it's non standard.
Ps. I do run a periodic detect and manual clean of weird filenames in user directories. Unix files such as "C:\user_had_brain_damage.txt" upset our backup software.

Get better backup software!
While I remember, I have read much good advice about not interfering with IFS which dates back to the roots of unix.

There are times when IFS must be changed. If it's left at the default, scripts can fail.

However, changes should be local and temporary.
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