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Old 08-27-2009
Tried implementing it but got the same error.

The value "23.45" will be in a variable


total=`echo $a + $(expr b) + $c | bc`

Also tried:
total=`echo $a + $(expr $b) + $c | bc`

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Old 08-27-2009
post the whole script if you could


value=`echo ""$a"" + $(expr $b) + $g | bc`
echo $value

even this code works for me perfectly....
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Old 08-27-2009
Following is my code:


#Combined_amount=`echo $(expr $Interchange_value) + $(expr $Assesments_value) + $(expr $Transfees_value) + $(expr $TE_value) | bc`

Combined_amount=`echo ""$Interchange_value"" + $(expr $Assesments_value) + $(expr $Transfees_value) + $(expr $TE_value) | bc`

Both are not working.Here Interchange_value will have the vale "23.45" and others float values.
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Old 08-27-2009
Combined_amount=`echo ""$Interchange_value"" + $(expr $Assesments_value) + $(expr $Transfees_value) + $(expr $TE_value) | bc`
echo $Combined_amount

output here
+ Interchange_value=23.45
+ Assesments_value=34.65
+ Transfees_value=3
+ TE_value=9
+ + bc
+ expr 34.65
+ expr 3
+ expr 9
+ echo 23.45 + 34.65 + 3 + 9
+ echo 70.10

whatz your unix?
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Old 08-27-2009
If I make a sample script and use it.It works perfectly fine.
But does not work in my script.

The only difference is that I am getting these variables from a file.:

Interchange_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f13`
Assesments_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f14`

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Old 08-27-2009
I think you are getting these values with some other characters (may be spaces)
try to echo each one of them
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Old 08-27-2009
Put some echo statements.:
Interchange_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f13`
echo "Interchange_value is"
echo $Interchange_value
Assesments_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f14`
echo "Assesment value is"
echo $Assesments_value
Transfees_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f15`
echo $Transfees_value
TE_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f16`
echo $TE_value

The output I got:
Interchange_value is
Assesment value is

---------- Post updated at 09:26 AM ---------- Previous update was at 09:20 AM ----------

Tried with

echo "Interchange_value is"
echo "<$Interchange_value>"
Assesments_value=`cat $CHASEFILE |head -$line_counter | tail -1 |cut -f14`
echo "Assesment value is"
echo "<$Assesments_value>"

and got
Interchange_value is
Assesment value is

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