Adding variables in a unix script

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Old 08-27-2009
Adding variables in a unix script

I am trying to add variables(float values) in a unix script but am getting an error

value=`expr $a + $b + $c`

The error I am getting is "expr: non-numeric argument"
I guess it has got to something with the decimal points.
Plz help
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Old 08-27-2009
look at the arithmetic evaluation section in the manpage for the shell you are using...
(shell calculations are limited to integer values)
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Old 08-27-2009

read this post. This works for me
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Old 08-27-2009
var=$(echo "$a +$b +$c" | bc)

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Old 08-27-2009
ant:/home/vbe $ echo "$A+$B+$C"
ant:/home/vbe $ echo "$A+$B+$C"|bc
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Old 08-27-2009
Thanks a lot....Smilie

total=`echo $numone + $numtwo | bc`

worked fine.

There is also one more prob......The variable sometimes contains "" attached to it also eg "23.45".
How to handle this in the addition?It is throwing an error"syntax error on line 1 stdin"
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Old 08-27-2009
ant:/home/vbe $ echo $(expr "23.45")+"$A+$B+$C"|bc
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