Find a string and extract a value from a file

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Old 09-05-2009
Just a derivative:
echo 'n0=7.00 !Central density [10**19 m-3]'|awk -F"[=\ ]" '/^n0/{print $2}'

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tracker-extract(1)						   User Commands						tracker-extract(1)

tracker-extract - Extract metadata from a file. SYNOPSYS
tracker-extract [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION
tracker-extract reads the file and mimetype provided in stdin and extract the metadata from this file; then it displays the metadata on the standard output. NOTE: If a FILE is not provided then tracker-extract will run for 30 seconds waiting for DBus calls before quitting. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show summary of options. -v, --verbosity=N Set verbosity to N. This overrides the config value. Values include 0=errors, 1=minimal, 2=detailed and 3=debug. -f, --file=FILE The FILE to extract metadata from. The FILE argument can be either a local path or a URI. It also does not have to be an absolute path. -m, --mime=MIME The MIME type to use for the file. If one is not provided, it will be guessed automatically. -d, --disable-shutdown Disable shutting down after 30 seconds of inactivity. -i, --force-internal-extractors Use this option to force internal extractors over 3rd parties like libstreamanalyzer. -m, --force-module=MODULE Force a particular module to be used. This is here as a convenience for developers wanting to test their MODULE file. Only the MOD- ULE name has to be specified, not the full path. Typically, a MODULE is installed to /usr/lib/tracker-0.7/extract-modules/. This option can be used with or without the .so part of the name too, for example, you can use --force-module=foo Modules are shared objects which are dynamically loaded at run time. These files must have the .so suffix to be loaded and must con- tain the correct symbols to be authenticated by tracker-extract. For more information see the libtracker-extract reference documen- tation. -V, --version Show binary version. EXAMPLES
Using command line to extract metadata from a file: $ tracker-extract -v 3 -f /path/to/some/file.mp3 Using a specific module to extract metadata from a file: $ tracker-extract -v 3 -f /path/to/some/file.mp3 -m mymodule ENVIRONMENT
TRACKER_EXTRACTORS_DIR This is the directory which tracker uses to load the shared libraries from (used for extracting metadata for specific file types). These are needed on each invocation of tracker-store. If unset it will default to the correct place. This is used mainly for testing purposes. The default location is /usr/lib/tracker-0.10/extract-modules/. TRACKER_EXTRACTOR_RULES_DIR This is the directory which tracker uses to load the rules files from. The rules files describe extractor modules and their sup- ported MIME types. The default location is /usr/share/tracker/extract-rules/. TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES Don't use GSettings, instead use a config file similar to how settings were saved in 0.10.x. That is, a file which is much like an .ini file. These are saved to $HOME/.config/tracker/ SEE ALSO
tracker-store(1), tracker-sparql(1), tracker-stats(1), tracker-info(1). /usr/lib/tracker-0.10/extract-modules/ /usr/share/tracker/extract-rules/ GNU
July 2007 tracker-extract(1)

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