Concatenating column values with unique id into single row

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Old 08-17-2009
Concatenating column values with unique id into single row


I have a table in Db2 with data say

id_1 phase1
id_1 phase2
id_1 phase3
id_2 phase1
id_2 phase2

I need to concatenate the values like
id_1 phase1,phase2,phase3
id_2 phase1,phase2

I tried recursive query but in vain as the length of string to be concatenated in quite long.
How can this be implemented using shell scripts effectively.


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I also need to insert the output values into new table
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Old 08-17-2009

$more file9
id_1 phase1
id_1 phase2
id_1 phase3
id_2 phase1
id_2 phase2

$awk '
          if (vector[$1])
        for (palabra in vector)
                print palabra" "vector[palabra]
' file9

id_1 phase1,phase2,phase3
id_2 phase1,phase2

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Old 08-17-2009
using awk:

#  nawk '{t[$1]?t[$1]=t[$1]","$2:t[$1]=$2}END{for (i in t){print i,t[i]}}' infile
id_2 phase1,phase2
id_1 phase1,phase2,phase3

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Old 08-17-2009
Thanks ,

The below is the sample data.
2U_1_2 1-KCER
2U_1_2 1-KCER
2U_1_2 1-SKBY
2U_1_2 1-SKBY
2U_1_2 1-SKBY
2U_1_2 Post delivery
D_1_2 P05
D_1_2 P06
D_1_2 P07
D_1_2 Post delivery
K_1_3 Generate Programs
K_1_3 Parse Programs
K_1_3 Auctions Java
K_1_3 Registration
K_1_3 End-to-End Integration
K_1_3 Post delivery
D_18_1 P05
D_18_1 P06
D_18_1 P07
D_18_1 Post delivery

When I perform the awk command on this data the result is not as expected,
D_1_2 P05,P06,P07,Post
2U_1_2 1-KCER,1-KCER,1-SKBY,1-SKBY,1-SKBY,Post
D_18_1 P05,P06,P07,Post
K_1_3 Generate,Parse,Auctions,Registration,End-to-End,Post

Could you please give a solution for this, Also, I need to insert these values into another table, how to establish it

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Old 08-17-2009
i guess it is cos u r having more columns comparing to the original sample u posted so just a little modification to the previous post, and if u have more columns, u have to add them
nawk '{t[$1]?t[$1]=t[$1]","$2" "$3:t[$1]=$2" "$3}END{for (i in t){print i,t[i]}}' inputfile

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Old 08-18-2009
Thanks a many.

I was not aware of nawk commands so I gave few samples.Now I understood the concept, atleast at basic level.
There are around 3500 unique phase fields. Each may have 3 words or even 8 words and go on eg: .
Also some has characters like '&,-' in between words like 'Testing & Delivery' In that case I want whole text instead of 'Testing &'

Please let me know how it can be done.
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Old 08-18-2009
This should work:
# awk '{n=$1;sub($1" ","",$0);t[n]?t[n]=t[n]","$0:t[n]=$0}END{for(i in t)print i,t[i]}' f2
K_1_3 Generate Programs,Parse Programs,Auctions Java,Registration,End-to-End Integration,Post delivery
D_1_2 P05,P06,P07,Post delivery
2U_1_2 1-KCER,1-KCER,1-SKBY,1-SKBY,1-SKBY,Post delivery
D_18_1 P05,P06,P07,Post delivery

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