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Subtracting each row from the first row in a single column file using awk

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Subtracting each row from the first row in a single column file using awk
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Subtracting each row from the first row in a single column file using awk

Hi Friends,

I have a single column data like below.

I need the output like below.

where each row (including first row) subtracting from first row and the result should print below like the way shown in output file.


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# 2  
That would do the trick .
awk '$1--{print}' sample_file

# 3  
You want row 2 (etc) subtracted from row 1, or row 1 subtracted from row 2?
# 4  
I want row1 need to be subtracted from all rows including row itself.

I need the following operation to be done.
So on..
The script "awk '$1--{print}'" is not giving correct output.
For the input of

I got the output as

which is not correct..
Can you please modify the script to match requirement.


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# 5  
awk 'NR==1{v=$1}{$1-=v}1' infile

# 6  
My sample can be anything..

But What I need is

so on
in the output file.( whatever may be the input numeric data single column file)

# 7  
awk 'FNR==1 {p=$1} {print $1-p}' file

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