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Old 08-05-2009
thanks a lot for the help...a last's possible to set the external variable of this case :
awk -v v="CHE" '{_[NR]=$0}{for(x=0;x++<NF;)if($x==v){for(y=4;--y;) print _[(NR-y)];printf "\n"}}' file

from the keybord across the function READ?....

From jmc: next time use code tags [ c o d e ] your code here [ / c o d e ] (remove spaces to make tags work).

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Old 08-13-2009
read var
awk -v v="$var" '{_[NR]=$0}{for(x=0;x++<NF;)if($x==v){for(y=4;--y;) print _[(NR-y)];printf "\n"}}' file

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Old 08-13-2009
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