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Old 08-03-2009
exiting from script


I am trying to exit the script from a function.
I was in assumption that if we use exit ( inside or outside the function) it will exit from the script.

alternatively, return will exit from that particular function.

but in my case, exit is exiting from the function and not the script.

I am using exit in a subfunction.

is there any other way to completly exit from the script at any location?


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Old 08-03-2009
How about you post what you have tried so we can look at it as well as real output and expected output.
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Old 08-04-2009

  if [ $# -eq  1 ]; then
        echo "FAIL"
        exit ${ExitCode}
        exit ${ExitCode}

F1 () {

some commands || DoExit 1

echo "still here"

so, if some commads fails, I want to exit from the script.
but in the above case, I am still getting the messge "still here".
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Old 08-04-2009
Hi, if I'm xell understanding, what you want is that if you have no arguments in your function DoExit, you exit the main program.
In this case, you can test the exit value after your function :

if (test $? -eq 0);then
your code for normal execution
exit 1

$? return the value of the exit variable. e.g :

pwd % ll
total 108
all my files in my directory
coral22:kevin/res/test2 % echo $?
pwd % azerty
-bash: azerty: command not found
pwd % echo $?

hope it'll help...
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Old 08-04-2009
Hi, Thanks for reply.

if i put directly exit. then also it is not exiting from the script.
further commands are still get executed.

some commands
if [ $? -eq 0 ];then
echo "still here"

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Old 08-04-2009
Can you post the script you wrote corresponding to "some command" plz?
Where does the parameter of your DoExit function comes from?
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Old 08-04-2009
it is the sybase bcp command.

if for some reason ( say login incorrect ), the bcp fails, I dont want to move futher.

bcp $DB..table1 in file1 -c -t, -S${server} -U${user} -P${pass}  || DoExit 1
echo "still here"

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