Bash: Reading out rows of a file into a dynamic array and check first literal

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Old 08-04-2009
that can be rewritten in reverse. ALL characters except *
grep -v ^\* tmp_filter_1 >>tmp_filter_2

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RECEIVE(1)						      General Commands Manual							RECEIVE(1)

receive - receive files from the sendfile spool SYNOPSIS
receive [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [ -Z spool ] [ -q ] [ -ffrom ] file [...] receive -n [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [ -Z spool ] [ -q ] file-number [...] receive [ -s ] [ -l ] [ -L ] [ -R ] [ -ffrom ] receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] [ -f"from" ] file [...] receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] [ -f"from" ] -n file-number [...] receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] -a DESCRIPTION
receive files from the sendfile spool which has been sent to you. If there is already a file with the same name you will be prompted for overwriting or renaming. Allowed wildcards in file names are: * ? [abc] [^abc] CAUTION: you have to put wildcards and other special characters in '' quotes to hide them for interpretation by your shell. OPTIONS
-n receive file number(s) -d delete instead of receive -a receive (or delete or bounce) all files -r rename before receiving -k keep files in spool after receiving -P pipe files to stdout -S receive only pgp-signed files -s list files in short format -l list files -L list files and look inside archives, too -R renumber files in spool -b bounce (forward) files to another recipient -q quiet mode: no questions asked -fuser all actions refer only to files from this user -Z spool specify an alternate spool directory EXAMPLES
receive -L list all files in long format. receive 'blubb*' receive all files starting with string "blubb". receive -daf delete all files from sites. receive -b framstag@bofh '*.jpg' bounce all *.jpg-files to framstag@bofh. FILES
/var/spool/sendfile The sendfile spool directory. /var/spool/sendfile/$USER/log A log of the last transfers. /etc/sendfile.deny Users which are not allowed to receive files or messages (set by root). SEE ALSO
sendfile(1). AUTHOR
Ulli Horlacher - 3rd Berkeley Distribution RECEIVE(1)