parallel execution of script/ synchro problem

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Old 07-22-2009
parallel execution of script/ synchro problem

Hi everybody,

In a csh script, i need to run 4 time the same prog with different parameters. What i want is to run them in parallel. for this i use the command & & &

For this I have no problem. In fact, I need to wait until all the programs are over to continue. All progs create a file when they finish ( fini1.txt, fini2.txt...) I thought to something like :

while ( (-e "fini1.txt = 0)&&(-e "fini2.txt = 0)&&(-e "fini3.txt = 0)&&(-e "fini4.txt = 0) & & &

The problem is that i fear that if one end before the others, it restarts.

I tried with something like that :

if (( -e "fini1.txt" == 0 )&&( -e "fini2.txt" == 0 )&&( -e "fini3.txt" == 0 )&&( -e "fini4.txt" == 0 )) then
code code code

But it doesn't seems to works....

So if somebody could help me...

Thanks in advance
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Old 07-22-2009
       wait    The shell waits for all  background  jobs.

-- excerpt from man csh

Best wishes ... cheers, drl

PS many people would advise you to avoid csh family [csh, tcsh] in favor of Bourne shell family [sh, ksh, bash] for a number of reasons: Csh Programming Considered Harmful
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Old 07-22-2009
thx, and for the csh, it's not a choice... or i need to translate a whole csh script in bash... qiute boring!

Thx again for your answer
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