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Sendmail masquerading

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Operating Systems SCO Sendmail masquerading
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Old 07-24-2009
Sendmail masquerading

I am having a problem with my sendmail configuration I have masquerading on but when I send a mail to multiple people it masquerades my email but not the others? see the sample below:

Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 9:42 AM
Subject: Used Inventory

in this way if someone does a reply to all names 2,3,4 and 5 bounce back as bad addresses.

how can I have it masquerade all email addresses from my domain?



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Mail::Transport::Sendmail(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Mail::Transport::Sendmail(3pm)

Mail::Transport::Sendmail - transmit messages using external Sendmail program INHERITANCE
Mail::Transport::Sendmail is a Mail::Transport::Send is a Mail::Transport is a Mail::Reporter SYNOPSIS
my $sender = Mail::Transport::Sendmail->new(...); $sender->send($message); DESCRIPTION
Implements mail transport using the external 'Sendmail' program. When instantiated, the mailer will look for the binary in specific system directories, and the first version found is taken. Some people use Postfix as MTA. Postfix can be installed as replacement for Sendmail: is provides a program with the same name and options. So, this module supports postfix as well. METHODS
Constructors Mail::Transport::Sendmail->new(OPTIONS) -Option --Defined in --Default executable Mail::Transport undef hostname Mail::Transport 'localhost' interval Mail::Transport 30 log Mail::Reporter 'WARNINGS' password Mail::Transport undef port Mail::Transport undef proxy Mail::Transport undef retry Mail::Transport <false> sendmail_options [] timeout Mail::Transport 120 trace Mail::Reporter 'WARNINGS' username Mail::Transport undef via Mail::Transport 'sendmail' executable => FILENAME hostname => HOSTNAME|ARRAY-OF-HOSTNAMES interval => SECONDS log => LEVEL password => STRING port => INTEGER proxy => PATH retry => NUMBER|undef sendmail_options => ARRAY Add to the command-line of the started sendmail MTU a list of separate words. So say " [ '-f', $file ] " and not " [ "-f $file" ] ", because the latter will be taken by sendmail as one word only. timeout => SECONDS trace => LEVEL username => STRING via => CLASS|NAME Sending mail $obj->destinations(MESSAGE, [ADDRESS|ARRAY-OF-ADDRESSES]) See "Sending mail" in Mail::Transport::Send $obj->putContent(MESSAGE, FILEHANDLE, OPTIONS) See "Sending mail" in Mail::Transport::Send $obj->send(MESSAGE, OPTIONS) See "Sending mail" in Mail::Transport::Send $obj->trySend(MESSAGE, OPTIONS) -Option --Default sendmail_options undef sendmail_options => ARRAY Server connection $obj->findBinary(NAME [, DIRECTORIES]) See "Server connection" in Mail::Transport $obj->remoteHost() See "Server connection" in Mail::Transport $obj->retry() See "Server connection" in Mail::Transport Error handling $obj->AUTOLOAD() See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->addReport(OBJECT) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->defaultTrace([LEVEL]|[LOGLEVEL, TRACELEVEL]|[LEVEL, CALLBACK]) Mail::Transport::Sendmail->defaultTrace([LEVEL]|[LOGLEVEL, TRACELEVEL]|[LEVEL, CALLBACK]) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->errors() See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->log([LEVEL [,STRINGS]]) Mail::Transport::Sendmail->log([LEVEL [,STRINGS]]) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->logPriority(LEVEL) Mail::Transport::Sendmail->logPriority(LEVEL) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->logSettings() See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->notImplemented() See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->report([LEVEL]) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->reportAll([LEVEL]) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->trace([LEVEL]) See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter $obj->warnings() See "Error handling" in Mail::Reporter Cleanup $obj->DESTROY() See "Cleanup" in Mail::Reporter $obj->inGlobalDestruction() See "Cleanup" in Mail::Reporter DIAGNOSTICS
Error: Errors when closing sendmail mailer $program: $! The was no problem starting the sendmail mail transfer agent, but for some specific reason the message could not be handled correctly. Warning: Message has no destination It was not possible to figure-out where the message is intended to go to. Error: Package $package does not implement $method. Fatal error: the specific package (or one of its superclasses) does not implement this method where it should. This message means that some other related classes do implement this method however the class at hand does not. Probably you should investigate this and probably inform the author of the package. Warning: Resent group does not specify a destination The message which is sent is the result of a bounce (for instance created with Mail::Message::bounce()), and therefore starts with a "Received" header field. With the "bounce", the new destination(s) of the message are given, which should be included as "Resent-To", "Resent-Cc", and "Resent-Bcc". The "To", "Cc", and "Bcc" header information is only used if no "Received" was found. That seems to be the best explanation of the RFC. As alternative, you may also specify the "to" option to some of the senders (for instance Mail::Transport::SMTP::send(to) to overrule any information found in the message itself about the destination. SEE ALSO
This module is part of Mail-Box distribution version 2.105, built on May 07, 2012. Website: LICENSE
Copyrights 2001-2012 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perl v5.14.2 2012-05-07 Mail::Transport::Sendmail(3pm)

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