sendmail masquerading on AIX.

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Operating Systems AIX sendmail masquerading on AIX.
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Old 06-07-2011
Question sendmail masquerading on AIX.

Hello all,

I have a requirement wherein I need to change the "received from" address parameter for outgoing mails from an AIX server. I tried using the [mail -r] option to specify the "reply-to" address, still my relay server rejects the mails as the "received from" address still contains [root@localhost].

I know, this can be done by sendmail masquerading, however I'm not sure how to configure this on AIX - though I've done it on Linux regenerating the ~/ file from ~/ using m4 utility.

Could anyone amongst you, help me configure masquerading on AIX please?

-- Souvik
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Old 06-07-2011
It looks like you need to configure our host properly in so it says it is what it is, and then the reverse lookup on the opposite end will match, if the DNS is set up right for this host. This varies by sendmail version, and there is much good advice online.

Reverse lookup on your DNS is easy to check, just put your IP on an nslookup command line to see if it knows your host and domain. You might need an nslookup option to make it use the DNS not local files.
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