PXE Kickstart not happening

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat PXE Kickstart not happening
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Old 11-06-2009
PXE Kickstart not happening

We have a lab where installation is done through PXE . The installation always run fine usually but suddenly we are getting the below mentioned error

any idea whats happening ?

| Erros parsing Kickstart Config |
The following error was found while parsing your kickstart configuration :
The following error occured on line 32 of the kickstart file :
Specified nonexistent disk cciss/c0d0 in clearpart command
can anyone tell me whats happening and how to trouble shoot this issue .

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Hi folkz

I seem to have resolved it by using the following help .
I used LUN's in my case .
HP Proliants, the RAID controller disks show up
as /dev/cciss/c0d0, c0d0, etc. /dev/sda is the first SAN LUN and I want
Anaconda to just completely disregard it.

I mentioned device scsi cciss in kickstart and it worked fine .
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