accessing unix variables in oracle

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Old 02-06-2008
accessing unix variables in oracle

consider the following script.

ftpresults=`ftp -nv $ip<<EOF
user $user $pw
cd /home/oracle/practice
size $1
echo $ftpresults
sqlplus -s tms/tms@dev45 <<"EOF"
insert into remote_file_sizes (file_name,file_size) values ($fname,$ftpresults);

In the above script i am getting the size of a remote file through and i am inserting it into oracle table.
But i am not able to access the filename($fname)and filesize ($ftpresults) in insert statement.

can anybody tell me how to access these unix variables in oracle insert statement.

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Old 02-06-2008
'man ksh' yields the foowing for the 'here-document':
     << [-]word
           The shell input is read up to a line that is the  same
           as word, or to an EOF. No parameter substitution, com-
           mand substitution, or file  name  generation  is  per-
           formed  on  word.  The  resulting  document,  called a
           here-document, becomes  the  standard  input.  If  any
           character  of  word  is  quoted,  no interpretation is
           placed upon the characters of the document. Otherwise,
           parameter  and command substitution occur, \NEWLINE is
           ignored, and \ must be used to quote the characters \,
           $,  `,  and  the  first  character  of  word.  If - is
           appended to <<, then all  leading  tabs  are  stripped
           from word and from the document.

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