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Accessing variables outside the function

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Old 10-20-2009
Accessing variables outside the function

I have the below code to find yesterdays date, In this I want to make MONTH, DAY and YEAR as global variableand use it outside the {}, but I am unable to do so , please assist:


date '+%m %d %Y' | 
DAY=`expr "$DAY" - $1` 
case "$DAY" in 
MONTH=`expr "$MONTH" - 1` 
case "$MONTH" in 
YEAR=`expr "$YEAR" - 1` 
DAY=`cal $MONTH $YEAR | grep . | fmt -1 | tail -1` 
echo "Yesterday was: $MONTH $DAY $YEAR" 
export MONTH = $MONTH
export DAY= $DAY
export YEAR= $YEAR
echo "Yesterday was: $MONTH $DAY $YEAR" 

Output I am getting:
$ ./ 1
Yesterday was: 10 19 2009
Yesterday was:

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Old 10-20-2009
Hi mohsin.quazi, because you pipe the date command to the curly braces, it is no longer a code block but a subshell.
i.e. compare the difference between
date '+%m %d %Y' | 

date '+%m %d %Y' |

The export of variables does not help you since that only works from shell to subshell, not vice versa.

On a different note if you have GNU date, you can do this:
me@tinybird:~/test$ date '+%m %d %Y'
10 21 2009
me@tinybird:~/test$ date -d yesterday '+%m %d %Y'
10 20 2009

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