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Old 01-30-2002
Problem compiling metamail

Hi Guys.
I have downloaded metamail from internet e Iīm trying to compile it at a SCO 5.0.5. In this server itīs working fine (letīs name it as mission1)
iīm using the developer package in this server (mission1) and when I use mailto, i got the e-mail fine. Itīs forwarding to a exchange server fine.
Iīm trying to make a script to install it on all servers I have (about 30). But (the word ....) when I make some copies of the binaries to another server (letīs name it mission2), itīs doesnīt works ....
I got the following message after type everything on mailto

dynamic linker: mailto: symbol not found:nuname
splitmail: Could not find the end of the headers!

Does anybody can help me to solve this problem?? Iīm sure thatīs could be a very simple issue, but I only want to put metamail on SCO. btw, the mission2 is a SCO 5.0.4 server.
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Old 01-31-2002
2 things:

Either the systems are not identical, or there are some shared library missing
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Old 01-31-2002
I know

Sorry. I havenīt told that I already know that the OSīs are diferent. The question is: how do I solve this problem? The only shared library reported is /usr/lib/ (wich is really diferent, but it from OS core, and cannot be changed without some procedures, the ones I donīt know).
Can anybody help me?
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