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Old 01-19-2002
Unix/Linux Newbie(ish) Question - IPC/Signals - EDITED, OOPS!

Smilie Hello, i have been given the following code to help me learn how to use signals, it won't compile. The problem maybe because this was written for use in Unix and i am trying to compile in Linux.

The error i get says that SIGPIPE and SIG_IGN are undeclared.

I think that these are defined in signum.h but am not sure and I can't check as nothing seems to be working at the mo (Triple booting with a couple of Win OS' = Grief). Please can somebody offer me some guidance, you all seem fairly knowledgeable. Apologies if this is all a bit Newbie or i'm being dense, it's all a bit strange.

EDIT- I have put normal brackets instead of the proper ones around my #include's so that they will display.

#include (stdio.h)
#include (stdlib.h)
#include (sys/stat.h)
#include (unistd.h)

#define FIFO_FILE2 "MYFIFO2"
#define MAXNUM 8

int main(void)
FILE *fp;
FILE *fp2;

int i = 1; /* counters */
int j = 1;
int count = 0;
int array[10]; /* array to hold converted numbers */

signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);/* tell kernel to ignore a broken pipe */

/* Create the FIFO's if they do not exist */
mknod(FIFO_FILE, S_IFIFO|0666, 0);
mknod(FIFO_FILE2, S_IFIFO|0666, 0);

/* Open the FIFO's here */

fp = fopen(FIFO_FILE, "r");
fp2 = fopen(FIFO_FILE2, "w");

/* Read in the array sent from Detector */

fread(array, sizeof(array), 1, fp);

/* here we cheek the values of the array.
If equal 2 write to the out FIFO so that
it can be read by display */
count = 0;
for (j=0; j < 9; j++)
if(array[j] > MAXNUM) count++;
else count = 0;

if(count == 2)
fwrite(array, sizeof(array), 1, fp2);
fwrite(NULL, 0, 1, fp2);




I don't want to sound rude but help other than 'go find X book' would be preferable as I would rather not wait 2 weeks to get one ordered.

Thank you kindly in advance[

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Old 01-20-2002
As far as I know ( I'm no expert Smilie ) if you want to work with signals you should
include signal.h
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Old 01-20-2002

Thank you very much, might seem obvious but hey - i'm new to all this.
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