I have not c compile environment ,i can download it but it ends with *.gz,so i can't

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Top Forums Programming I have not c compile environment ,i can download it but it ends with *.gz,so i can't
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Old 10-11-2001
I have not c compile environment ,i can download it but it ends with *.gz,so i can't

I need for help .
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Old 10-11-2001
Well, assuming by your nickname, you are using some form of SunOS, such as Solaris. If so, check out www.sunfreeware.com for gzip and gcc. Solaris 8 comes with gzip, so if you already have it, just type:
gunzip < filename >

If you're on another system, go to gcc.gnu.org for gcc. You can also get gzip from gnu.org.

Please post back with more specific information if you are still having a hard time.
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