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Old 08-20-2011
C++, giving thread a "name"

Hey guys, I'm doing a mutli-threading in a maze which I'm able to do it already. Now all thats left is to name the thread which is created.
The problem is I don't really know how.
Let's say my first thread is call "POOH".
After the threads die.
It will create another new thread called "TIGGER".
I've stored the names into an array, now I kinda confused with naming the threads.
Any help will be appreciated thx everyone!!

This is my thread function
int callThread()
    //create 2 thread objects
    pthread_t t1, t2;
    //create 2 string msg
    string tN1 = "A new life have been born!!!";
    string tN2 = "A second life have been born!!!";
    //create 2 thread msg
    string * tM1 = &tN1;
    string * tM2 = &tN2;
    //create thread 1
    if(pthread_create(&t1, NULL, thread_func, tM1) != 0)
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    //if not EXIT_FAILURE
        cout << tN1 << endl;
    //create thread 2
    if(pthread_create(&t2, NULL, thread_func, tM2) != 0)
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    //if not EXIT_FAILURE
        cout << tN2 << endl;
    //Block thread 1 until thread 2 stop
    if(pthread_join(t1, NULL) != 0)
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    //Block thread 2 until thread 1 stop
    if(pthread_join(t2, NULL) != 0)
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

My array
    const std::string THREAD_NAMES []    = {"POOH", "TIGGER", "ROO", "GOLPHER", "KANGA", "LUMPY", "OWL", "RABBIT", "PIGLET",
                                           "POOH0", "TIGGER0", "ROO0", "GOLPHER0", "KANGA0", "LUMPY0", "OWL0", "RABBIT0", "PIGLET0",
                                           "POOH1", "TIGGER1", "ROO1", "GOLPHER1", "KANGA1", "LUMPY1", "OWL1", "RABBIT1", "PIGLET1",
                                           "POOH2", "TIGGER2", "ROO2", "GOLPHER2", "KANGA2", "LUMPY2", "OWL2", "RABBIT2", "PIGLET2",
                                           "POOH3", "TIGGER3", "ROO3", "GOLPHER3", "KANGA3", "LUMPY3", "OWL3", "RABBIT3", "PIGLET3",
                                           "POOH4", "TIGGER4", "ROO4", "GOLPHER4", "KANGA4", "LUMPY4", "OWL4", "RABBIT4", "PIGLET4",
                                           "POOH5", "TIGGER5", "ROO5", "GOLPHER5", "KANGA5", "LUMPY5", "OWL5", "RABBIT5", "PIGLET5"

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Old 08-21-2011
The threads don't know the order in which they're created, but they do have a unique thread ID. If you want them to know what string they are, either save their ID's somewhere by the string so they can look them up, or pass them a number so they know what ID they are. The latter would be simpler and better since you could get it all arranged properly before you create the thread and not after, eliminating race conditions.

Why not just do const char *THREAD_NAMES[]={ ... } and save yourself all the pointless C++ overhead?
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Old 08-26-2011
You can use
prctl(PR_SET_NAME,"Thread name",0,0,0)

But this only works on Linux 2.6.9 or higher versions
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