Bash Script giving "Command Not found"

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Old 10-03-2013
Bash Script giving "Command Not found"

Hello Geeks,

Greetings...I have the following script:

#Script to generate number of active PDP context & calculate PDP activation #failurefrom EPG-M
#Script written by Gbenga Adigun
#September 12, 2013


##Attempted,Completed & Active PDP Skeleton Template

    for a in ${HOSTS[@]}; do
	"${a}pdp"=`sshpass -p "$password" ssh -q "$username"@"$a" "show services epg pgw statistics apn" | grep "Active PDP contexts" | awk '{print $4}'`
    "${a}a1"=`sshpass -p "$password" ssh -q "$username"@"$a" "show services epg pgw statistics apn" | grep "Attempted PDP activations" | awk '{print $4}' | sed '$s/,$//'`
    "${a}c1"=`sshpass -p "$password" ssh -q "$username"@"$a" "show services epg pgw statistics apn" | grep "Attempted PDP activations" | awk '{print $6}'`
	echo `date` "Active PDP Contexts for the past 15 mins is:" $a'pdp'>> /var/ipworks/logs/active_pdp/`date | awk '{ print $2"-" $3"-" $6 }'`"$a_active_pdp".txt
	echo $a'a1'
	echo $a'c1'


But problem is when bash calls pdp_command function, i usually get command not found for the variable substitution.

root###bash -x 
+ username=xxxx
+ password=xxxxxxxx
+ HOSTS=(ggsn01 ggsn02)
+ pdp_command
+ for a in '${HOSTS[@]}'
++ sshpass -p xxxssh -q xxx@ggsn01 'show services epg pgw statistics apn'
++ grep 'Active PDP contexts'
++ awk '{print $4}'
+ ggsn01pdp= line 18: ggsn01pdp=: command not found
++ sshpass -p xxxx ssh -q xxx@ggsn01 'show services epg pgw statistics apn'
++ grep 'Attempted PDP activations'
++ awk '{print $4}'
++ sed '$s/,$//'
+ ggsn01a1= line 19: ggsn01a1=: command not found

Any help will be appreciated!

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Please use code tags for your data and code
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Old 10-03-2013

Variables do not work this way.

Always avoid dynamic variable names if you can, they tend to be huge security holes and cause more headaches than they solve.
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Old 10-03-2013
Please, any idea how to go about this? Not a seasoned programmer Smilie
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Old 10-03-2013
Redesign in a way which doesn't need arbitrary runtime-defined variable names. Try arrays:

for ((N=0; N<${#HOSTS[@]}; N++))
        AA1[$N]="$(ssh username@${HOSTS[$N]} ... )"

While you're at it, get rid of sshpass too -- using it exposes your passwords to the system at large, there's reasons ordinary ssh is so picky. You can use keys to arrange passwordless logins instead.

Also, you can get everything you want in one ssh call instead of three, which is important because ssh calls can be slow:

# $$ is your shell's PID, which amounts to a convenient random number here
ssh username@${HOSTNAME[$N]} show services epg pgw statistics apn > /tmp/$$ # Run once and save

VAR1="$(awk '/Active PDP contexts/ {print $4}' /tmp/$$)"
VAR2="$(awk '/Attempted PDP activations/ {print $4, $6}' /tmp/$$)"
rm /tmp/$$

$( ) is the modern equivalent of backticks ` `.
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Old 10-03-2013
Would associative array be a solution? pdp[ggsn01], pdp[ggsn02], a1[ggsn01], ...
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Old 10-03-2013
Originally Posted by RudiC
Would associative array be a solution? pdp[ggsn01], pdp[ggsn02], a1[ggsn01], ...
Only available in some bash and some ksh, so I don't reccomend their use, it'll break when you carry the script anywhere else.
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Old 10-03-2013
Always could fallback to 'default' indexed arrays...

ARRAY2=( 1 2 3 4 5 .. )
ARRAY3=('' '')

# Examples
echo ${ARRAY1[0]}
echo ${ARRAY2[2]}
echo "${ARRAY3[1]}"

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