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Old 09-24-2009
Makefile: multiple target variable substitution


Basically, I would like to properly handle this with gnu make:

alltools: my_tool mysecond_tool mythird_tool etc_tool

%_tool: dir1/%_tool.vf dir2/%_tool/subdir2/%_tool.ver
<tab>@echo done

<tab>RUN_VF $*

<tab>RUN_VER $*

So, if I were to do something like:
UNIX> make alltools

Where each *_tool would be dependent on 2 files: dir1/*_tool.vf & dir2/*_tool/subdir2/*_tool.ver.

However, it looks like make only allows one substitution per dependency. So what make actually tries to make are these files (for my_tool):
dir1/my_tool.vf & dir2/my_tool/subdir2/%_tool.ver

'my' did not get substituted into '%' at both places in the second dependency.

So, my question is, can this be done with some other special variable? Or, is there a simple trick to getting around this?

Thanks in advance!
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md(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						     md(1)

md -- process raw dependency files produced by cpp -MD SYNOPSIS
md [-d] [-f] [-m makefile] [-u makefile] [-o outputfile] [-v] [-x] [-D c|d|m|o|t|D] DESCRIPTION
The md command basically does two things: Process the raw dependency files produced by the cpp -MD option. There is one line in the file for every #include encountered, but there are repeats and patterns like .../dir1/../dir2 that appear which should reduce to .../dir2. md canonicalizes and flushes repeats from the depen- dency list. It also sorts the file names and "fills" them to a 78 character line. md also updates the makefile directly with the dependency information, so the .d file can be thrown away (see d option). This is done to save space. md assumes that dependency information in the makefile is sorted by .o file name and it procedes to merge in (add/or replace [as appropriate]) the new dependency lines that it has generated. For time efficiency, md assumes that any .d files it is given that were cre- ated before the creation date of the "makefile" were processed already. It ignores them unless the force flag [f] is given. FLAG SUMMARY
-D c|D|d|m|o|t Specify debugging option(s): c show file contents D show very low level debugging d show new dependency crunching m show generation of makefile o show files being opened t show time comparisons -d Delete the .d file after it is processed -f Force an update of the dependencies in the makefile, even if the makefile is more recent than the .n file. (This implies that md has been run already.) -m makefile Specify the makefile to be upgraded. The defaults are makefile and then Makefile. -o outputfile Specify an output file (other than a makefile) for the dependencies. -u makefile Like -m, but the file will be created if necessary. -v Set the verbose flag. -x Expunge old dependency information from the makefile. SEE ALSO
make(1) BUGS
Old, possibly not used by anyone. HISTORY
The md utility was written by Robert V. Baron at Carnegie-Mellon University. BSD
June 2, 2019 BSD