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Old 02-07-2014
Makefile No rule to make target

I am trying to create a makefile to build a program and am getting the following error:

make -f
make: *** No rule to make target `/main/tsimplex_main.cpp', needed by `tsimplex_main.o'.  Stop.

OPSYS = $(shell uname -s )

TARGET = tsimplex

ROOTDIR = ../../..
GTSDIR = $(ROOTDIR)/tomso/
OBJDIR = $(ROOTDIR)/tools/release/obj
BINDIR = $(ROOTDIR)/tools/release/bin


# C++ compiler
CPP_COMP = g++

# C++ compiler options
CPP_OPTS = -I$(ROOTDIR)/ -O3  -Wno-non-template-friend -Wno-deprecated -DNDEBUG

# Directories

LIBINC = $(GTSDIR)/parse/loglev.hpp       \
    $(GTSDIR)/parse/parse.hpp             \
    $(GTSDIR)/parse/prargs.hpp            \
    $(GTSDIR)/parse/errors.hpp            \
    $(GTSDIR)/algeb/numeric.hpp           \
    $(GTSDIR)/optim/simplex.hpp           \
    $(GTSDIR)/tomog/tomog.hpp             \

LIBSRC = $(SRCDIR)/algeb/impl/cpp/vect.cpp     \
    $(SRCDIR)/algeb/impl/vector.ipp            \
    $(SRCDIR)/tomog/impl/tomog.ipp             \
    $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/parse.ipp             \
    $(SRCDIR)/optim/impl/simplex.ipp           \
    $(SRCDIR)/algeb/impl/matrix.ipp            \
    $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/string.cpp        \
    $(SRCDIR)/raytr/impl/cpp/layer.cpp         \
    $(SRCDIR)/raytr/impl/cpp/layintfclinr.cpp  \
    $(SRCDIR)/raytr/impl/cpp/laymodellinr.cpp  \
    $(SRCDIR)/raytr/impl/cpp/velmod.cpp        \

.PHONY : help

$(TARGET) : tsimplex_main.o error.o numeric.o
    $(CPP_COMP) -o $(TARGET) tsimplex_main.o numeric.o error.o

tsimplex_main.o : $(MAINDIR)/tsimplex_main.cpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(MAINDIR)/tsimplex_main.cpp

tomog.o : $(SRCDIR)/tomog/impl/cpp/tomog.cpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(SRCDIR)/tomog/impl/cpp/tomog.cpp

numeric.o : $(SRCDIR)/algeb/numeric.cpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(SRCDIR)/algeb/numeric.cpp

error.o : $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/error.cpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/error.cpp

tsimplex_help.o : $(MAINDIR)/help/impl/cpp/tsimplex_help.cpp $(INCDIR)/parse/prargs.hpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(MAINDIR)/help/impl/cpp/tsimplex_help.cpp

prargs.o : $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/prargs.cpp $(INCDIR)/parse/prargs.hpp $(INCDIR)/algeb/vect2.hpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/prargs.cpp

loglev.o : $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/loglev.cpp $(INCDIR)/parse/loglev.hpp
    g++ $(CPP_OPTS) -c $(SRCDIR)/parse/impl/cpp/loglev.cpp

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Old 02-07-2014
Your makefile has the rule tsimplex_main.o : $(MAINDIR)/tsimplex_main.cpp but tsimplex_main.cpp is either missing or not where the makefile expected it to be. make's usual reaction when it can't find a file is to try and create it, but it has no rule to make a .cpp file from scratch, so it quits.
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