SHA1 verification script

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Old 02-15-2017
Apple SHA1 verification script

Hi guys!

Me again! ...
I'm trying to build (on MacOS directly) a bash script that will help me verify a SHA1 digest (to verify downloads and so on and so forth).

So first off, here's my version of BASH under OSX:

And here's my version of Sierra (macOS):
10.12.3 (16D32)

and last but not least, here's my code:


declare sha1=""
declare PATH=""
declare verifySha=""

echo " Please enter the path to the file you want to check:"
read PATH
echo " Now the SHA1 provided by the publisher:"
read sha1
verifySha=$(openssl sha1 $PATH)
if [ $sha1 -eq $verifySha ]
        echo "OK, same here!"
        echo "Not the same, try again!"

Now, I know that $sha1 and $verifySha will not be the same for now... I need a sed in the middle to extract the sha signature.
But, aside from this minor problem that I will fix soon, I get the error:
./ line 17: openssl: command not found
./ line 18: [: 7798b65ae8842768bd2ff068545e0a3fc2dd0140: unary operator expected

Anyone has any idea why the openssl command does not work in a bash script? (Obviously, when I try to pass the command outside of the script, it works!).
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Old 02-15-2017
  1. declare PATH="" GULP, this removes all the paths to any executables.
  2. [ $sha1 -eq $verifySha ] should read [ "$sha1" = "$verifySha" ] .
This is just a starter, I have not checked your logic, but this should help you out at least...

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Old 02-15-2017
As wisecracker said, openssl is not found because you removed the PATH info that bash uses to find commands. Use a different file name or - less recommendable - the absolute path to openssl.
With bash 4.4 you should be able to use "here strings"; no need to use sed or other. Try:
read dummy verifySha <<< $(openssl sha1 $FILEPATH)

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