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parse csv file, sha1 hash and output

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting parse csv file, sha1 hash and output
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Old 01-28-2009
parse csv file, sha1 hash and output

I have a file, not really a csv, but containing delineated data just the same. Lets call that file "raw_data.txt". It contains data in the format of company name:fein number like this:

first company name:123456789
second company name:987654321

what i need to do is read this file, apply sha1 to the fein field and then output that into a new file, we'll call "hashed_data.txt". So hashed_data.txt should contain data like

first company name:f7c3bc1d808e04732adf679965ccc34ca7ae3441
second company name:bfe54caa6d483cc3887dce9d1b8eb91408f1ea7a

i have tried looping thru the file with awk like so

read FILE
while read line
        awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=":"}{print $1, $2}'
done < $FILE

but I'm stuck on how to run the second field thru sha1sum
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Old 01-28-2009
bash solution.
IFS=":" && \
while read name fein
        do echo "$name:"$(sha1 -qs $fein)
done < file > newfile

Note: You should read the sha1sum man

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Old 01-28-2009
thanks! checking it out now
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Old 01-28-2009
if your echo supports '-n' have you tried to put that into your echo statement?

echo -n "$name:"$(sha1sum <<< $fein)

I'm not sure if it will or wont work, I just don't know if it's been tried.
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Old 01-28-2009
i think the command I'm actually going for is sha1sum. When i modified the first snipit you posted to this it seemed to work

IFS=":" && \
while read name fein
        do echo "$name:"$(sha1sum <<< $fein)
done < raw_data.txt > hashed_data.txt

however, it's getting a newline feed in the hash as well

the accurate hash of
should be

echo -n 123456789 | sha1sum

will produce this hash

so need a way to trim the newline feed out of there.

tr -d '\n'

but where would it go ion the above snipit?
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Old 01-28-2009
Originally Posted by rwuerth
if your echo supports '-n' have you tried to put that into your echo statement?

echo -n "$name:"$(sha1sum <<< $fein)

I'm not sure if it will or wont work, I just don't know if it's been tried.
seems to just remove the new line feed between the lines, IE ouput is now

first company name:179c94cf45c6e383baf52621687305204cef16f9  -second company name:a1b42d633e975efc2f665bda21f94e419c1b6074  -

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Old 01-28-2009
Okay take the -n out of the echo.

try this before the echo statement

fein=`echo $fein | tr -d /\n/`

Or as I think about it, just

fein=`echo -n $fein`

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