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MS(7)				 Miscellaneous Information Manual			    MS(7)

       ms - macros for formatting manuscripts

       nroff -ms [ options ] file ...
       troff -ms [ options ] file ...

       This  package  of  nroff and troff macro definitions provides a canned formatting facility
       for technical papers in various formats.  When producing 2-column output  on  a	terminal,
       filter the output through col(1).

       The  macro  requests  are defined below.  Many nroff and troff requests are unsafe in con-
       junction with this package, however these requests may be used  with  impunity  after  the
       first .PP:

       Output of the eqn, neqn, refer, and tbl(1) preprocessors for equations and tables is
       acceptable as input.


       eqn(1), troff(1), refer(1), tbl(1)

			Request   Initial Cause Explanation	      Value   Break
			Suppressed in TM.  x is location and y is extension, ignored except in
			TM.  x	       no      no    Print x in boldface; if no argument switch
			to boldface.
7th Edition
foot of page.  May be redefined.  TM format, suppressed otherwise.  Arguments are number of text
			pages, other pages, total pages, figures, tables, references.  is x.
			Default is today.  Implies .KE.  to appear verbatim line-by-line.  x=I
			for indented display (default), x=L for left-justified on the page, x=C
			for centered, x=B for make left-justified block, then center whole block.
			Implies .KS.  produced by eqn or neqn.	add space.  Equation number is y.
			The optional argument x may be I to indent equation (default), L to left-
			adjust the equation, or C to center the equation.  The note will be moved
			to the bottom of the page.  New Jersey 07733'.
			x	  no	  no	Italicize x; if x missing, italic text follows.

       x      with hanging tag x.  Indentation is y ens (default 5).  Put kept text on next page
	      if not enough room.  If the kept text must be moved to the next page, float later
	      text back to this page.

       New Jersey 07974'.  special BTL format positions; omit from page footer.  number supplied
       automatically.  Numbers are multilevel, like 1.2.3, where n tells what level is wanted
       (default is 1).	sheet follow.

MS(7)		 Miscellaneous Information Manual	    MS(7)
       First line indented.  top of page.  May be redefined.  yes	no	Roman text fol-
       paper.  Must precede other requests.
       Following .IP's are measured from current indentation.  ignored except in TM.  x is the
       reference line (initials of author and typist).

-	  yes	  Section head follows,
       font automatically bold.  no	   no	   Make letters smaller.  Default is 5 10 15 ...

-    yes  End(heading)			      table.			   -	yes  End(heading)

       Arguments are TM number, (quoted list of) case number(s), and file number.  Must precede
       other requests.

of					     section			   -	yes  End(heading)

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