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PUTS(3S)																  PUTS(3S)

puts, fputs - put a string on a stream SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> puts(s) char *s; fputs(s, stream) char *s; FILE *stream; DESCRIPTION
Puts copies the null-terminated string s to the standard output stream stdout and appends a newline character. Fputs copies the null-terminated string s to the named output stream. Neither routine copies the terminal null character. SEE ALSO
fopen(3), gets(3), putc(3), printf(3), ferror(3) fread(3) for fwrite BUGS
Puts appends a newline, fputs does not, all in the name of backward compatibility. PUTS(3S)

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PUTS(3) 						     Linux Programmer's Manual							   PUTS(3)

fputc, fputs, putc, putchar, puts - output of characters and strings SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> int fputc(int c, FILE *stream); int fputs(const char *s, FILE *stream); int putc(int c, FILE *stream); int putchar(int c); int puts(const char *s); DESCRIPTION
fputc() writes the character c, cast to an unsigned char, to stream. fputs() writes the string s to stream, without its trailing ''. putc() is equivalent to fputc() except that it may be implemented as a macro which evaluates stream more than once. putchar(c); is equivalent to putc(c,stdout). puts() writes the string s and a trailing newline to stdout. Calls to the functions described here can be mixed with each other and with calls to other output functions from the stdio library for the same output stream. For non-locking counterparts, see unlocked_stdio(3). RETURN VALUE
fputc(), putc() and putchar() return the character written as an unsigned char cast to an int or EOF on error. puts() and fputs() return a non-negative number on success, or EOF on error. CONFORMING TO
It is not advisable to mix calls to output functions from the stdio library with low - level calls to write() for the file descriptor asso- ciated with the same output stream; the results will be undefined and very probably not what you want. SEE ALSO
write(2), ferror(3), fopen(3), fseek(3), fwrite(3), gets(3), scanf(3), unlocked_stdio(3) GNU
1993-04-04 PUTS(3)
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