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FERROR(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				FERROR(3)

       clearerr, feof, ferror, fileno - check and reset stream status

       #include <stdio.h>

       void clearerr(FILE *stream);
       int feof(FILE *stream);
       int ferror(FILE *stream);
       int fileno(FILE *stream);

       The  function  clearerr clears the end-of-file and error indicators for the stream pointed
       to by stream.

       The function feof tests the end-of-file indicator for the stream  pointed  to  by  stream,
       returning  non-zero  if	it  is set.  The end-of-file indicator can only be cleared by the
       function clearerr.

       The function ferror tests the error indicator for the stream pointed to by stream, return-
       ing  non-zero  if  it is set.  The error indicator can only be reset by the clearerr func-

       The function fileno examines the argument stream and returns its integer descriptor.

       For non-locking counterparts, see unlocked_stdio(3).

       These functions should not fail and do not set the external variable errno.  (However,  in
       case  fileno  detects  that  its argument is not a valid stream, it must return -1 and set
       errno to EBADF.)

       The functions clearerr, feof, and ferror conform to X3.159-1989 (``ANSI C'').

       open(2), unlocked_stdio(3), stdio(3)

					    2001-10-16					FERROR(3)
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