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FLOOR(3M)																 FLOOR(3M)

fabs, floor, ceil - absolute value, floor, ceiling functions SYNOPSIS
#include <math.h> double floor(x) double x; double ceil(x) double x; double fabs(x) double(x); DESCRIPTION
Fabs returns the absolute value |x|. Floor returns the largest integer not greater than x. Ceil returns the smallest integer not less than x. SEE ALSO
abs(3) FLOOR(3M)

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floor(3m)																 floor(3m)

       floor,  ffloor,	fabs,  ceil,  ceil,  trunc,  ftrunc, fmod, rint - floor, absolute value, ceiling, truncation, floating point remainder and
       round-to-nearest functions

       #include <math.h>

       double floor(x)
       double x;

       float ffloor(x)
       float x;

       double ceil(x)
       double x;

       float fceil(x)
       float x;

       double trunc(x)
       double x;

       float ftrunc(x)
       float x;

       double fabs(x)
       double x;

       double fmod (x, y)
       double x, y;

       double rint(x)
       double x;

       The and routines return the largest integer which is not greater than x for double and float data types, respectively.

       The and routines return the smallest integer which is not less than x for double and float data types, respectively.

       The and routines return the integer (represented as a floating-point number) of x with the fractional bits truncated for double	and  float
       data types respectively.

       The routine returns the absolute value |x|.

       The  routine returns the floating point remainder of the division of x by y: zero if y is zero or if x/y would overflow; otherwise the num-
       ber f with the same sign as x, such that x = iy + f for some integer i, and |f| < |y|.

       The routine returns the integer (represented as a double precision number) nearest x in the direction of the prevailing rounding mode.

       In the default rounding mode, to nearest, is the integer nearest x with the additional stipulation that if |rint(x)-x|=1/2  then  is  even.
       Other rounding modes can make act like or or round towards zero.

       Another way to obtain an integer near x is to declare (in C)
	      double x;     int k;    k = x;
       The  C  compiler  rounds  x  towards 0 to get the integer k.  Also note that, if x is larger than k can accommodate, the value of k and the
       presence or absence of an integer overflow are hard to predict.

       The routine is in libc.a rather than libm.a.

See Also
       abs(3), ieee(3m), math(3m)

								       RISC								 floor(3m)
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