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LINK(2) 										  LINK(2)

       link - link to a file

       link(name1, name2)
       char *name1, *name2;

       A  link to name1 is created; the link has the name name2.  Either name may be an arbitrary
       path name.

       ln(1), unlink(2)

       Zero is returned when a link is made; -1 is returned when  name1  cannot  be  found;  when
       name2  already  exists;	when the directory of name2 cannot be written; when an attempt is
       made to link to a directory by a user other than the super-user; when an attempt  is  made
       to link to a file on another file system; when a file has too many links.

       (link = 9.)
       sys link; name1; name2

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