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UNLINK(2)										UNLINK(2)

       unlink - remove directory entry

       char *name;

       Name points to a null-terminated string.  Unlink removes the entry for the file pointed to
       by name from its directory.  If this entry was the last link to the file, the contents  of
       the  file  are  freed  and  the	file is destroyed.  If, however, the file was open in any
       process, the actual destruction is delayed until it is closed, even though  the	directory
       entry has disappeared.

       rm(1), link(2)

       Zero  is  normally returned; -1 indicates that the file does not exist, that its directory
       cannot be written, or that the file contains pure procedure text that is currently in use.
       Write  permission  is  not  required  on  the file itself.  It is also illegal to unlink a
       directory (except for the super-user).

       (unlink = 10.)
       sys unlink; name

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