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KornShell (ksh) is a Unix shell which was developed by David Korn at UC Berkeley.
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ln(1) [v7 man page]

LN(1)							      General Commands Manual							     LN(1)

ln - make a link SYNOPSIS
ln name1 [ name2 ] DESCRIPTION
A link is a directory entry referring to a file; the same file (together with its size, all its protection information, etc.) may have several links to it. There is no way to distinguish a link to a file from its original directory entry; any changes in the file are effec- tive independently of the name by which the file is known. Ln creates a link to an existing file name1. If name2 is given, the link has that name; otherwise it is placed in the current directory and its name is the last component of name1. It is forbidden to link to a directory or to link across file systems. SEE ALSO
rm(1) LN(1)

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