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nicknames(5)									     nicknames(5)

       /var/yp/nicknames - nickname translation table for NIS maps

       nicknames  contains  a list of aliases and the corresponding NIS maps.  There is one entry
       per line. The default nicknames table looks like:

	      passwd		       passwd.byname
	      group		       group.byname
	      networks		       networks.byaddr
	      hosts		       hosts.byname
	      protocols 	       protocols.bynumber
	      services		       services.byname
	      aliases		       mail.aliases
	      ethers		       ethers.byname
       ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), ypserv(8), ypwhich(1)
       The yp-tools package was written by Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@suse.de>.

YP Tools @PK_VERSION@			     May 1999				     nicknames(5)
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