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ypmatch(1)									       ypmatch(1)

       ypmatch - print the values of one or more keys from a NIS map

       ypmatch [ -kt ] [ -d domain ] key ... mapname
       ypmatch -x

       ypmatch	prints the values of one or more keys from the NIS database specified by mapname,
       which may be a map name or a map nickname.

       -d domain
	      Specify a domain other than the default domain as returned by domainname(1).

       -k     Display map keys. This option is useful with maps in which the values are  null  or
	      the key is not part of the value.

       -t     This option inhibits map nickname translation.

       -x     Display the map nickname translation table.

	      map nickname translation table.

       domainname(8),	nicknames(5),	ypbind(8),   ypcat(1),	 yppoll(8),  ypserv(8),  yset(8),

       ypmatch	is  part  of  the  yp-tools  package,  which  was  written  by	 Thorsten   Kukuk

YP Tools 2.7				     May 1999				       ypmatch(1)
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