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SASL(10 July 2001)							       SASL(10 July 2001)

       SASL - SASL authentication library

       The  CMU  Cyrus	SASL  library  is  a general purpose authentication library for sever and
       client applications.

       System Administrators:

       For information on setting up/configuring the SASL library see the  System  Administrators
       Guide in the doc/ directory of the SASL distribution.


       See man pages for individual sasl functions or the Programmers Guide in the doc/ directory
       of the SASL distribution.

       RFC 2222

       sasl_authorize_t(3),  sasl_auxprop(3),  sasl_auxprop_getctx(3),	 sasl_auxprop_request(3),
       sasl_canon_user_t(3),	sasl_callbacks(3),    sasl_chalprompt_t(3),    sasl_checkapop(3),
       sasl_checkpass(3),    sasl_client_init(3),    sasl_client_new(3),    sasl_client_start(3),
       sasl_client_step(3),   sasl_decode(3),	sasl_dispose(3),   sasl_done(3),  sasl_encode(3),
       sasl_encodev(3),  sasl_errdetail(3),  sasl_errors(3),  sasl_errstring(3),  sasl_errors(3),
       sasl_getopt_t(3),   sasl_getpath_t(3),  sasl_getprop(3),  sasl_getrealm_t(3),  sasl_getse-
       cret_t(3),    sasl_getsimple_t(3),    sasl_idle(3),    sasl_listmech(3),    sasl_log_t(3),
       sasl_server_init(3),    sasl_server_new(3),   sasl_server_start(3),   sasl_server_step(3),
       sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(3),    sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(3),	 sasl_setpass(3),
       sasl_setprop(3), sasl_user_exists(3), sasl_verifyfile_t(3), sasl_global_listmech(3)

SASL man pages				       SASL			       SASL(10 July 2001)
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