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sasl_authorize_t(10 July 2001)					   sasl_authorize_t(10 July 2001)

       sasl_authorize_t - The SASL authorization callback

       #include <sasl/sasl.h>

       int sasl_authorize_t(void *context,
			   const char *requested_user, unsigned alen,
			   const char *auth_identity, unsigned alen,
			   const char *def_realm, unsigned urlen,
			   struct propctx *propctx)

       sasl_authorize_t is used to check whether the authorized user auth_identity may act as the
       user requested_user.  For example the user root may wish to authenticate with his  creden-
       tials  but  act	as  the  user  tmartin (with all of tmartin's rights not roots). A server
       application should be very careful, and probably err on the side of caution,  when  deter-
       mining which users may proxy as whom.

       SASL  callback  functions should return SASL return codes. See sasl.h for a complete list.
       SASL_OK indicates success.

       sasl(3), sasl_callbacks(3)

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