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sasl_errors(10 July 2001)												 sasl_errors(10 July 2001)

sasl_errors - SASL error codes SYNOPSIS
#include <sasl/sasl.h> DESCRIPTION
The following are the general error codes that may be returned by calls into the SASL library, and their meanings (that may vary slightly based on context): Common Result Codes SASL_OK Success SASL_CONTINUE Another step is needed in authentication SASL_FAIL Generic Failure SASL_NOMEM Memory shortage failure SASL_BUFOVER Overflowed buffer SASL_NOMECH Mechanism not supported / No mechanisms matched requirements SASL_BADPROT Bad / Invalid Protocol or Protocol cancel SASL_NOTDONE Can't request information / Not applicable until later in exchange SASL_BADPARAM Invalid Parameter Supplied SASL_TRYAGAIN Transient Failure (e.g. weak key) SASL_BADMAC Integrity Check Failed SASL_NOTINIT SASL library not initialized Client-only Result Codes SASL_INTERACT Needs user interaction SASL_BADSERV Server failed mutual authentication step SASL_WRONGMECH Mechanism does not support requested feature Server-only Result Codes SASL_BADAUTH Authentication Failure SASL_NOAUTHZ Authorization Failure SASL_TOOWEAK Mechanism too weak for this user SASL_ENCRYPT Encryption needed to use mechanism SASL_TRANS One time use of a plaintext password will enable requested mechanism for user SASL_EXPIRED Passphrase expired, must be reset SASL_DISABLED Account Disabled SASL_NOUSER User Not Found SASL_BADVERS Version mismatch with plug-in SASL_NOVERIFY USer exists, but no verifier for user Password Setting Result Codes SASL_PWLOCK Passphrase locked SASL_NOCHANGE Requested change was not needed SASL_WEAKPASS Passphrase is too week for security policy. SASL_NOUSERPASS User supplied passwords are not permitted CONFORMING TO
sasl(3) SASL man pages SASL sasl_errors(10 July 2001)

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sasl_server_step(10 July 2001)											    sasl_server_step(10 July 2001)

sasl_server_step - Perform a step in the authentication negotiation SYNOPSIS
#include <sasl/sasl.h> int sasl_server_step(sasl_conn_t *conn, const char *clientin, unsigned clientinlen, const char ** serverout, unsigned * serveroutlen); DESCRIPTION
sasl_server_step() performs a step in the authentication negotiation. It returns SASL_OK if the whole negotiation is sucessful and SASL_CONTINUE if this step is ok but at least one more step is needed. conn is the SASL connection context clientin is the data given by the client (decoded if the protocol encodes requests sent over the wire) clientinlen is the length of cli- entin serverout and serveroutlen are set by the library and should be sent to the client. RETURN VALUE
sasl_server_step returns an integer which corresponds to one of the SASL error codes. SASL_CONTINUE indicates sucess and that there are more steps needed in the authentication. SASL_OK indicates that the authentication is complete. All other return codes indicate errors and should either be handled or the authentication session should be quit. CONFORMING TO
sasl(3), sasl_errors(3), sasl_server_init(3), sasl_server_new(3), sasl_server_start(3) SASL man pages SASL sasl_server_step(10 July 2001)
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