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sasl_errstring(10 July 2001)					     sasl_errstring(10 July 2001)

       sasl_errstring - Translate a SASL return code to a human-readable form

       #include <sasl/sasl.h>

       const char * sasl_errsring(int saslerr,
			      const char * langlist,
			      const char ** outlang);

       sasl_usererr  is  called  to convert a SASL return code (an integer) into a human readable
       string. At this time the only language available is american english written  by  program-
       mers (aka gobldygoop).  Note that a server should call sasl_usererr on a return code first
       if the string is going to be sent to the client.

       It should be noted that this function is not the recommended  means  of	extracting  error
       code  information  from SASL, instead application should use sasl_errdetail(3), which con-
       tains this information (and more)

       Returns the string.

       RFC 2222

       sasl(3), sasl_errdetail(3), sasl_errors(3)

SASL man pages				       SASL		     sasl_errstring(10 July 2001)
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