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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pvm_recvf (redhat section 3pvm)

RECVF(3PVM)							  PVM Version 3.4						       RECVF(3PVM)

pvm_recvf - Redefines the comparison function used to accept messages.
C int (*old)() = pvm_recvf( int (*new)( int bufid, int tid, int tag )) Fortran NOT AVAILABLE
The routine pvm_recvf defines the comparison function to be used by the pvm_recv, pvm_nrecv, and pvm_probe functions. It is available as a means to customize PVM message passing. pvm_recvf sets a user supplied comparison function to evaluate messages for receiving. recvf returns the old value of the matching function, or 0 if the old function was the default matcher pvm_recvf is intended for sophisticated C programmers who understand the function of such routines (like signal) and who require a receive routine that can match on more complex message contexts than the default provides.
The default comparison function evaluates the source and message tag associated with all incoming messages.
tid Integer task identifier of sending process supplied by the user. tag Integer message tag supplied by the user. bufid Integer message buffer identifier. The matching function should return: Value Action taken < 0 Return immediately with this error code. 0 Do not pick this message. 1 Pick this message and do not scan the rest. > 1 Pick this highest ranked message after scanning them all.
Implementing message probe with recvf, using our matching function to return information in a global variable. #include <pvm3.h> static int foundit = 0; static int foo_match(mid, tid, tag) int mid; int tid; int tag; { int t, c; struct pvmminfo header; pvm_getminfo(mid, &header); if ((tid == -1 || tid == header.src) && (tag == -1 || tag == header.tag)) foundit = 1; return 0; } int probe(src, tag) { int (*omatch)(); int cc; omatch = pvm_recvf(foo_match); foundit = 0; if ((cc = pvm_nrecv(src, tag)) < 0) return cc; pvm_recvf(omatch); return foundit; }
No error conditions are returned by pvm_recvf
pvm_bufinfo(3PVM), pvm_getminfo(3PVM), pvm_recv(3PVM), pvm_nrecv(3PVM), pvm_probe(3PVM), pvm_trecv(3PVM) 30 August, 1993 RECVF(3PVM)

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